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  • Image of Henna Gloss Thickening & Strengthening Conditioner

Organic henna & moisturizing conditioner, herb infused oil combined to give thickness & strength to strands. Acts like a protein conditioner on the hair. Does not contain protein.

How to use :
1. detangle hair, apply generously from root to ends (wear plastic gloves) in sections until all hair is covered
2. place plastic cap on head (make sure all hair is inside the plastic cap, twist up hair if your hair is long to fit in cap
3. Wrap a towel around head over the plastic cap (body heat will keep the henna gloss moist and will help henna adhere to hair strands)
4. leave on hair for at least 1 hour
5. Rinse, rinse, rinse until all henna is completely out - water will run clear
6. Co-wash or use a moisturizing conditioner to soften hair. Some skip this step
7. style (i suggest your leave in at this step and moisturize & seal)

Enjoy you strong thick hair!!

♥Ingredients♥ Organic neutral henna (no color), orange water, btms conditioner, grapeseed oil, vitamin E, grapefruitseed oil

*Henna for color is a custom order*
custom colors : black, burgundy, copper